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Техническое описание на 086-7SBSM + Коаксиальный кабель : 50? 7 inch DC to 18 GHz; Maximum Ratings Features • Wideband frequency coverage, DC to 18 GHz • Low Loss, 0.7 dB at 18 GHz • Excellent Return Loss, 24 dB at 18 GHz • SMA-F bulkhead connector at one end • Hand formable to almost any custom shape without special bending tools • 6mm bend radius for tight installations • Anti-torque nut prevents cable stress during installation • Insulated outer jacket standard • Connector interface, meets MIL-STD-348 Applications • Bulkhead connector mounts on front panel of equipment racks • Replacement for custom bent 0.086" semi-rigid cables • Communication receivers and transmitters • Military and aerospace system • Environmental and test chambers. Operating Temperature -55°C to 105°C Storage Temperature -55°C to 105°C Power Handling at 25°C, 211W at 0.5 GHz Sea Level 150W at 1 GHz 101W at 2 GHz 59W at 6 GHz 45W at 10 GHz 35W at 18 GHz; . Производитель: Mini Circuits. Сроки поставки 3-5 недель. Мин кол-во по запросу.
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